Grand Vapor Trident v2 RDA Clone $16.99

I just got an e-mail about this Grand Vapor Trident v2 clone deal that I just had to share. Thanks for the heads up Tim! Apparently… Venerable has just placed these in stock and ready to ship. Cost? How about just $16.99! Not a bad deal at all considering that the price is just a few cents more than Fasttech’s price for the original clone. This is a deal for the upgraded Grand Vapor Trident v2! And the best part about this deal is that it’s from a pretty awesome USA vendor. Hey, I’m all for supporting USA vendors when I can. =)


  • quickstopjay

    Nice deal. Looking at their other offerings I was impressed to see an aqua origin clone combo in a nice looking box for $49.95. I don’t have the cash to cop one. By the time I do,it’ll probably be out of stock. That’s how it usually works out for me. So I haven’t done any research to find out who the mfg is. In any case, if you’re interested in this combo, like me, you’d be amazed to find it at this price, from a USA vendor,and packaged together.

  • quickstopjay

    Smells like a deal of the week to me :)

  • Kermit

    Out of stock :(


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