Hades MOD Clone (SS & Mixed) Preorder $49.99

First off… this is a pre-order. Second off… this is for the 26650 Hades MOD clone. That being said, you can’t beat the price. We’re talking $49.99 for a Hades MOD when the authentic version runs to $220+. And, according to the vendor/manufacturer… these are a 1 to 1 clone and are expected to ship in 2-3 weeks. Pretty awesome price if your looking to get a 26650 MOD and have some time to kill. Only question now is where is the v3 (all brass) version? =)

>>>NOW INCLUDES (1) FREE Sony US26650VT 26650 50amp battery with every preorder! (US only)<<<

Hades MOD Clone (Stainless Steel v1)


(Mixed v2)


  • rita jiang

    i am coming with hades mod

    • rita jiang

      hades mod


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