Hammer MOD By Kato Clone (PRE-SALE) $54.99

You knew that it would happen. I just didn’t think that it would happen so soon. Or so accurate for that matter. What can you say but DAMN! C2C just released the Hammer MOD by Kato clone! The cost… just $54.99! Kinda crazy if you ask me. Specs include a 1 to 1 replica of the original Hammer MOD by Kato, unique serial numbers and a decorative box. This pre-sale is limited to 100 so if you want in… get your orders in ASAP. I’m pretty sure this will sell out with the quickness! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Just saying!


  • Robert F.

    I tried placing an order for this as soon as i clicked to purchase it said card could not be billed. i checked my card numbers again and clicked checkout. Samething came out. Later checked my bank account and i saw two billings from c2cvaping for the purchase. Contacted them and still no reply. i have no confirmation from there site and Hammer is now out of stock. so at this point i dont know if i am even gonna get one. Really upset about this.

    • http://vape.deals GotSmok.com

      Did they reply to you? Unfortunately, I have no influence over what goes on at vendors websites.

  • tim

    i had the same issue, they said that it was just a hold on the funds and it would release in 1 to 3 days and that once it does i should try to order again, course by then they will be sold out

    • http://vape.deals GotSmok.com

      Grr… that kinda sucks.


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