Hana Modz Pack v2 (DNA20 Powered) PRE-ORDER $349.99

Let’s just say this right off the bat… the price will make you sick! OK, with that said… this APV (advanced personal vaporizer) is really for those who want the biggest, baddest, newest eCig with no compromises. And if that’s what your looking for… your looking for the Hana Modz Pack v2!

The Hana Modz Pack v2 is DNA20 powered! OK, what the hell does that mean? Well, the DNA 20 chip is from Evolv. Evolv is the same maker of the Darwin and the Kick. It’s a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for eCigs. Yeah, yeah… speak English! OK… how about it outputs from 7 to 20 watts! Powered by a singled 18650 battery. And, features protective features such as over-current, over and under-voltage protection and thermal shutdown.

Now take all those features and place in a body that was milled from a solid block of aluminum and you get the Hana Modz Pack v2! Now you see why this MOD is so pimp?

Well, because of that… this bad boy is hard to find in stock. But, if you act quickly… jump on over to CigTechs and get in on the pre-order. You wanna vape like a boss… well here’s your chance!



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