Man o man… it seems like the 4th Of July deals keep going. Well, I’ve put up more than enough of them to make you broke for the next few months. =) Seriously though, unless I get the heads up on some vendor giving away everything for FREE I think I’m done for the day. Maybe even for the weekend. LOL. What can I say… I’m looking forward to buying a pack a sparklers and lighting one up for my baby girl. It is her first 4th Of July after all. I can’t wait too see her eyes light up. Don’t worry, I’ll make more than sure that she will be safe at all times. After all… she is my baby girl. =)

With that said… I want to wish each and everyone out here a VERY HAPPY 4TH OF JULY from my family to yours. Have fun. Be safe. And make some memories.

  • Kel Wehlage

    Happy 4th of July!

  • kristian jose

    Is it possible to get some help on a order I done please?
    I can’t remember the vendors name, but it was the first preorder of the new aspire tank.

    • I would need a little more info than that. Did you get a email when you placed the order?

  • st crago

    Thanks man. My wallet hates you but my vaping side loves you. You rock seriously tho

    • lol… thanks man. and tell you wallet im sorry. =)

  • rob e

    Thanks I check out your website every single day so everything you do is very much appreciated and it does keep me in trouble with the old lady and broke but I got Clouds coming out of my ears. Lol happy 4th everyone

  • Thanks kristian


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