Happy Mothers Day

Most of you know that I hardly ever take a day off. But, I’m making an exception for today. My wife blessed me with a beautiful healthy baby girl last year. And, today is my wife’s first Mothers Day as an official mother. So, I’m taking the day off to celebrate with my wife, my baby and my mom. =) Can’t find a better reason than that to take a day off. And to the rest of the moms out there in the VAPE DEALS community… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  • C4M3120N

    ^Good Man^

    • Only cause I have great women in my life =)

  • Buckeyeoak

    I think that’s great and congrats on the baby girl!! Enjoy your day!! 🙂

  • Sean Wetzel

    Happy wife.. Happy life !

  • alantoo

    Have a great day! Treat them like the royalty that they are!

  • Thanks for understanding Matt =)

  • thanks guys

  • that would be awesome Alan

  • glad its appreciated. =)

  • Awesome Matt. Bet your excited!

  • thanks tc


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