Hcigar Nemesis Clone (Stainless Steel) $29.99

Looks like 101 just restocked on the Hcigar Nemesis Clone in stainless steel. Price? How about just $29.99 + their standard $1.99 shipping. Making this the best Hcigar Nemesis clone deal this side of the Pacific. Keep in mind that the last time that these were in stock… they sold out within a few days. I don’t know how many more they stocked this time around but I’m curious too see how long they can keep them in stock. Especially after the deal is posted here. =) But I can’t take all the credit for this deal. Thanks for the heads up Jason!


  • Ryan

    I don’t think these are hcigar.. hcigar has the hcigar logo in the top left corner instead of where it has the nemesis logo. just what I have found out doing my research. I may be wrong and if I am please let me know.

    • 101Vape

      Hcigar has updated their boxes. These are new stock direct from the factory delivered this week. The hcigar logo boxes are old stock.

      • Nemmey Lover

        What vape101 said was true. HCigar no longer has HCigar logo on their boxes. You just have to be more cautious when you purchase it. If it feels too sharp around the edges, it is not HCigar.

    • koottsta

      Ive got two hcigar clones…NONE have hcigar logo. And I also purchased one from vape101.

  • Jordan

    out of stock


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