hcigar vt inbox squonker

Hcigar VT Inbox Squonker $49.99 | Full Kit $63.99

It seems like a new mechanical squonker is hitting the market just about every day lately.  So, how about we take a minute to show some love for a regulated one?  This is a killer deal too.  The Hcigar VT Inbox Squonker is currently in a Flash Sale over at Gearbest for only $49.99 with FREE shipping!  I just went over to Evolv’s website, and that’s exactly what they’re charging for the DNA75 chipset alone.  Like I said: killer deal.  You could also pick up the full kit for about $14 more.  Please note that these prices are valid on the black colorway only.  Quantity is limited, and the Flash Sale ends in about 2 days, so don’t wait too long to stop by.

$49.99 Hcigar VT Inbox Squonker (Mod Only)


$63.99 Hcigar VT Inbox Starter Kit


$4.99+ Replacement Door Panels



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