Hcigar Windrose MOD Clone $59.99

Another UNICORN bites the dust. I just got a tip that the Hcigar Windrose MOD clone has just hit the Bay. It is a PRE-SALE but the scheduled delivery date was yesterday so the wait shouldn’t be too long. =) Now… tfom the looks of it, this Hcigar Windrose includes the 18650, 18490 & 18350 tubes, copper pins, brass button & magnetic switch. Not a bad set of features. It almost looks like a 1:1 clone. In fact… the vendor does state that it is indeed a 1:1 clone. Plus, the vendor is also throwing in FREE SHIPPING as well. Nice.



  1. i’ve purchased from vapepg.com many times. he is a legit seller and i’ve personally picked up stuff from him multiple times. i’m actually picking up the SS windrose from him today @5:30. also, he was a seller on calivapers.com. Can’t wait to get this and see how it hits.


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