Helios RDA Clone (With Airflow Control) $7.45

Looks like the vendor we all love to hate finally stocked a Helios RDA clone with a working airflow control ring. And get this, they priced it at a mere $7.45 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Seriously… are they even making money on this? =) Looks like they have 5 different colors in stock too: blue, gold, green, red & silver. The only issue I see is that there is only 2 airflow holes instead of 4. But that isn’t that big on an issue if you build a single coil setup. But, if you do build a dual coil setup… I suggest you put both coils on the side with the airflow holes. #justsaying


One comment

  1. Be careful with this one. I ordered five of the Helios from this company in January and ended up returning them for a refund. The O-Rings were very thin and broke easily. Two of them arrived with broken or missing O-Rings, and two of them had stripped out allen screws. Pure junk.



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