High Desert Vapes Coupon For 50% OFF E-Liquids!

Just got the heads up that the High Desert Vapes coupon code for 50% off is on a popping again. Just use the coupon code “FIFTYOFF” to get your discount. Because of the big discount… there will be a massive amount of orders so kindly allow 5 business days for your order to process. But, in all honesty… 5 business days is a small price to pay to get 50% off your order isn’t it? =) Offer is good now through midnight (MST) 09/30/2013. But I would suggest getting your orders in as soon as possible to avoid the longer processing times.

And, there is also a seperate High Desert Vapes coupon for the DIY’ers. Just use the coupon code “TEN” to get 10% off your purchase.

Use Coupon Code: FIFTYOFF

Use Coupon Code: TEN


  • JoeG

    Good lookin out on this one!…..thanks for the heads up


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