horizon arctic v8 coils

Horizon Arctic V8 Coils (5-Pack) $3.91 | V12 RBA $2.93

I realize this will only appeal to those who already own one of the tanks…but it’s a helluva deal, so I wanted to mention it.  Hopefully, a few of you will benefit from it.  Ecig has the 5-pack of Horizon Arctic V8 Coils on clearance for only $3.91 right now.  That works out to around $0.78 per coil!  Definitely worth stocking up at that price.  They’re also selling the Horizon Arctic V12 RBA section for $2.93, which is about $10 cheaper than other vendors are charging.  Seems like a great deal either way.  As always, keep in mind that orders over $40 will qualify for FREE shipping.

$3.91 Horizon Arctic V8 Coils (5-Pack)


$2.93 Horizon Arctic V12 RBA


  • dcmanryan

    Just an fyi, I have read these will also fit the Smok tfv8 tanks.

  • dcmanryan

    Sorry. Only the v12 Attic coils will work with the tfv8 Smok tank. The RBA would work but not the v8 horizon coils.


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