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Hybrid Dessert E Liquids 4 For $10.00

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the Hybrid line of e-juice from the past deals we posted. Well… Ultra is upping the ante this week. For this week only… all Hybrid Dessert E Liquids (20+ flavors) are priced to fly out the doors. Get this… 4 15mL bottles (any choice) for $10 and FREE SHIPPING is included! Come on… that’s cheaper than even China juice. And if the Hybrid Dessert E Liquids are anything like the teas or the chocolates… this deal is a steal. But jump on it while supplies last cause at these prices… i’m pretty sure stock will run low quickly.


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. i got choc cherry on the last deal and it was terrible. chocolate was very bitter and vapor production was kinda bad. I dripped onto a dual coil at 0.4 ohms so maybe its just bad at high watts, i donno.

  2. Is there a coupon code? I have them in my cart, but it says $10 each bottle.

  3. ok, i see it now, it’s on the second page of Daily Deals (didn’t see it had more than 1 page). I had gone straight to hybrid, then chose. Thanks.

    • Well, I wish I would have seen your post before I ordered.
      Not all of the flavors are available on the 4 for 10 either.

  4. Anyone know their pg/vg mix?

  5. Thank you I ordered Irish cream, chocolate strawberry, cheesecake, and tiramisu. Has anyone tried any oh these? Any reviews?

  6. It just charged me FULL amount even though it said it would do discount when check out is done. RIP OFF!

    What is your order number?
    Ok we will cancel your order

  8. UPDATE all the ones I tried taste like shit. Quality seems like they were made in a ditch in Mexico

    • Apparently no one likes them being as they were made April 19 so they have been sitting for almost 6 months.. I only bought it because I figured for the price and free shipping was not going to be much of a loss. But I would not recommend these to my worst enemy they were nasty and thats putting it nice. For anyone curious I ordered chocolate, chocolate cherry, toffee, and peanut butter. Ive always given the stuff I didnt like to my sister and her husband but these were so bad they are going in the garbage I would not subject them to this.

      As for the company I was not over charged, they did send everything I ordered. Shipping was super fast I ordered last Saturday and they came Monday not bad for free shipping.

  9. I ordered 5 from them. They emailed me back saying they didn’t have “Cheesecake” in stock so I selected “French Ice Cream” to replace the out of stock cheesecake…. received my order yesterday and they replaced 2 of the flavors with ones that I didn’t even select! So instead of “Tiramisu” and “French Ice Cream”, I got Banana Dessert and Irish Cream… Don’t care for those flavors or else I would have ordered them.. Not too happy with my 1st purchase dealing with them. At least email me to let me pick something else in that line or better yet, let me pick a similar flavor from another line of eliquids.

  10. I too, was less than impressed.

    The Cheesecake tasted like pie crust. It was so strong that after cleaning the head and changing the flavor, that’s STILL all I got out of that tank was pie crust flavor.

    Irish Cream was the flavor I switched to, even after a day it couldn’t overcome the pie crust, but I still didn’t even get a whiff of IC even then.

    Chocolate Cherry tasted and smelled like shampoo. No chocolate, no cherry. Blecch.

    But the Banana Dessert is friggin’ AWESOME! It definitely made up for the other three, and I’d order that again. I can play with the other three flavors, see if I can make them livable, but the BD has the potential to be part of my go-to daily kit.



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