If It Ain’t Broke…

I’m sure you guys already noticed… but I have had a lot of requests to go back to the old color scheme. And, I have even more requests to add pagination to the “latest vape deals” section. Well, who am I to argue with what the VAPE DEALS community wants. I have went back to the black & red color scheme. And… you can now use the pagination links in the “latest vape deals” section to go back as far as you want! And while I am at it… I even went to a “gotsmok” inspired logo. Might as well right? =) Thanks for putting up with all of the hiccups during the server/domain switch.

Mark “gotsmok”
vape.deals admin

  • Problem Vaper

    The new (old) color scheme looks great! glad you went back!

    • I have to agree… I started to miss it myself. Everyone telling to me change it back made it an easy choice. =)

  • ubersole


  • OK… Back to the drawing board. Not right now though. First I gotta take my 7 month old baby out to lunch. =)

    • Allison Franks

      awwwww!!!! dang I didnt know they had restaurants that fed 7 mos old already!!! 🙂 🙂

      • nah… i just take her out. she loves checking out new places. plus… it helps that she knocks out when she’s in her car seat. hahaha

      • mark

        I got one too and know they cannot wait. Take your time

      • truer words have never been spoken

      • porkchopbun

        Enjoy while you can …they grow up so fast. Wait til the terrible 2s and eating out. I miss those days when the little one would just chill out in his car seat and sleep.

      • Seriously… I seems like it was just yesterday she was born. Now she’s rolling around, crawling and yelling at the top of her lungs. Lol. I’m getting depressed just thinking about how fast she’s growing.

  • Wizzard

    Yep looks like Vape deds instead of deals

    • i should just register vape.deds and forward it to this site. =)

  • Allison Franks

    I like this one better…I know who you are when I see this. The other one kept confusing me and I would forget that it was your site! But really and truly as long as you keep on with the deals you could have ORANGE and BLUE on here and I would still come…even though I would have to hold my gagging reflex the entire time!! 🙂

    • orange and blue… i’ll keep that in mind for when I wanna change things up a bit. =)

      • Allison Franks

        :I-…That’s me stickin my tongue out at you!!

  • Evilbeast

    Nice! I love the Red & Black and I’m really happy it came back! The Blue & White wasn’t bad…But it just didn’t feel the same and this is just easier on the eyes. But doesn’t matter what color you guys use this place is always gonna rock!

    • i think the sentiment is pretty unanimous. =) thanks for the support Evilbeast

  • mark

    excellent choice!!!!!

  • Grand_Maestro

    I love this retro scheme again…kudos!

    • oh my g… vape.deals has went retro. love it. =)

  • Hartoled

    Thank you for the rollback. It was difficult to find deals from a day or two past just going by category. This color is more relaxing, also.

    • not a problem, always willing to listen on ways to make the site better for everyone. =)


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