IGO-W RDA (Rebuildable Atomizer) PRE-SALE $11.80

I have heard a lot of good things about the IGO-W RDA. It’s basically a three post IGO-L base with a AGI cap. Sounds simple enough. But the combination results in one awesome vape. It somehow feels like a lot bigger IGO-L. And with more room… your dual coil setups don’t get choked for air flow. Problem is… most vendors price this RDA at anywhere from 15 – 30 dollars. I mean seriously… talk about price gouge. Well not at SmartVapes. They got a pre-sale going on and a valid coupon code that brings the price of the IGO-W RDA to unbelievable price of $11.80. Jump on it and thank me later!

Use Coupon Code: newsmartvapes



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