JD Tech Stingray Mechanical MOD Clone $42.99

This is one mod that I have been patiently waiting for it to release. And finally… a vendor has stocked the JD Tech Stingray mechanical mod clone! Well, to be accurate… it looks like it’s a pre-sale. And, expected delivery is 03/11/2014. But, it’s definitely worth the wait because the authentic JD Tech Stingray seems to be sold out everywhere. And, no other vendor has stocked this clone yet. Needless to say… I can’t wait for delivery. If it turns out anything even close to the pictures that they used… I will be one happy vaper indeed. =)


  • Nev

    Whitestagvapor has them for $37 on preorder too.


      Even better deal… thanks for the heads up.

    • AJ

      Whitestag is a Pre-Buy Venerable Vaping is a Pre-Delivery Sale.. the units are already paid for and in production.

    • gabe v

      your right. been on the list for about a week now.

  • gabe v

    your right Nev. ive been on yhe lost for about a week now.

  • gabe v

    fkn spell check

  • Alex

    I’m going to keep my eye on that copper nemesis from venerable. $45 and 101 still hasn’t restocked, although 3/11 is too long of a wait to replace my current and overused mod.

    • Jhun

      Logo-less though isn’t it?


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