K100 MOD (5 New Colors) $23.24

5 NEW COLORS have just been released for the K100 mod! The colors Black, Green, Red, Silver & Sky Blue have been added to the line up that already consisted of Blue, Champagne & Gold. And, I’ve got to say… all 5 of the new colors for the K100 MOD look pretty nice. And you defiantly can’t beat the price of $23.24 with free shipping! If you’ve been holding out on the Empire clone or you already have one… now is the time to consider adding a new piece to the collection. Speaking from experience (I have a Champagne myself) these MODs perform great, have a solid feel, and you will have a tough time finding a better MOD for a cheaper price!



  • Jc

    Does K100 mod will fit on nimbus v3 clone rebuildable atomizer?

    • Yes, a nimbus will fit on a k100.

      • Jc


  • marvin

    do the new colors come in a complete set with batteries, a charger, case, etc or just the body?

    • Both options are available. Kit and by itself.

  • jose vargas

    PayPal is saying it won’t allow a shipment from Hong kong.. !?? But why ?? Is ther another way I can get this deal /?


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