Kamry K100 MOD & Free E-liquid $23.96 (FREE SHIPPING)

JUMP ON THIS DEAL QUICK! SHOULD I SAY IT AGAIN? JUMP ON THIS DEAL QUICK!!! There have been alot of Kamry K100 deals lately… but this one takes the cake. AquaVaporCig is offering the Kamry K100 MOD, with a free bottle of e-liquid for $23.96 shipped! They only have the blue and platinum in stock so you better act quick. Quick note… this is only the K100 MOD and free e-juice only. This deal doesn’t include a charger, battery or any other extras. With that said… this is a crazy deal and i’m in for two myself.

Use Coupon Code: av20


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    Deal’s dead. But, I got my shipping notification. =)

  • http://vape.deals GotSmok.com

    Just a vape-mail update. Ordered the Empire Clone on Friday… AquaVaporCig shipped out on Monday and I received it today (which is Wednesday). Talk about fast shipping. And boy what a deal. I threw in a 18350, mounted my AGA-T2 and this thing hits nicely. Plus the free watermelon juice. I feel like I ripped them off… lol.


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