Kamry K103 Mechanical MOD $31.95

Here is an awesome price on the new Kamry K103 if your the type of person who refuses to purchase from overseas vendors. Well, considering that I’ve only seen this at one other place (an overseas vendor) I can honestly say this is the cheapest price from a USA vendor. =) And I gotta say… the Kamry K103 is one seksi mechanical device while sporting the Youde AGA-TD RBA (rebuildable atomizer). I’ts like they were designed with each other in mind. Hey, if it performs anywhere close to my K100… i’m sure that you’d be pretty happy with this device.


  • Preston

    Just wanted to thank you for fixing The site for tablet view. Its working fine again 🙂

  • MJ

    I hoping they eventually come out with a 490/500 tube!! Love the simple look.

    • Agreed… i rock everything in 500 mode now a days. Seems the best for size and power right?


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