Kamry x9 Protank Clone $6.92

For those of you that follow this website… you know that I’m a big proponent of the ProTank. It was the first clearomizer that made me put down my trusty vivi nova for more than a week. And if you follow this website, you also know that I’m always searching for the biggest bang for your buck! Seriously, we all work hard for our money so any way to stretch our dollar i’m all for. Well here is an easy way to stretch your dollar. The Kamry x9 Protank clone. Keep in mind that I haven’t personally used this clone so I can’t vouch for it. But for $7  and free worldwide shipping… it might be worth the gamble. So who’s willing to take a spin on the Kamry x9 and fill us all in?



  • justin

    Do We know if the evod coil/protank coils fit the base?

    • Nothing has been confirmed but my guess would be that they don’t fit.

  • Farley

    I just had a try of this because a buddy of mine ordered it, it’s decent but the drip tip definitely feels a bit different than the protank. The draw is definitely tighter also. Definitely worth a try!


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