KSD KMAX MOD (Pick Your Body & Tube Color)! $39.99

I was put on this deal from a member of the GOTSMOK.COM community… thanks Matt! About 2 weeks ago… we dropped the debut of the KSD KMAX MOD. And I still gotta say… that antique brass finish is crackin! That being said… Matt pointed out that Vapor Break has started offering the KSD KMAX MOD at a slightly cheaper price of $39.99. And, you get to choose the color of the body and tube! How awesome is that? Now, I gotta say… I have ordered from Vapor Break before and there shipping does take a while. Something to consider before purchasing. I don’t want to get hundreds of e-mails asking “where’s my MOD?” =)


  • Tim

    Ya it’s $39.99 plus at least $4 or $5 shipping… the Fasttech deal at under $41 is cheaper and fasttech orders usually arrive at least 10 days quicker than Vaporbreak

    • But here you can pick you colors… can’t do that with the FT deal. Might be worth it to some who want to choose their own colors.

  • Potts

    Is there a place I can get a wrap for this.and what’s the. Best and cheapest place for wraps. And bro I live fasttech also is there a place I can get disposable e cigs for cheap. Thanks gotsmok.com

    • Im not quite sure since it’s so new… I’ll look around though. As far as disposables… i’ll see what I can find.

      • Potts

        Ur the man

      • Hahaha I don’t know about all that. But thanks =)

  • Beth t

    Just ordered the kmax from fasttech with bronze body and black screen looks real rustic ! Can’t wait

    • Already heard goid things about this MOD. Congrats.


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