Lavafire Rocket Mechanical MOD $13.49

I was just just over at the beast and I noticed that there DOTD is the Lavafire Rocket mechanical MOD. List price is $50.00 (seems a little high). But hey… the DOTD (deal of the day) price is just $14.99. And, if you use the coupon code “YEAHBABY”… the price drops to $13.49. And, I’m pretty sure that free shipping is included so not only is this a deal. At this price shipped… the Lavafire Rocket is a steal. Not that I’ve used one personally… but I can’t see how you could go wrong with a $13.49 mod. =) Question is… who’s gonna be the guinea pig and cop one to let us know the quality of the MOD? =)

Use Coupon Code: YEAHBABY


  • ZackGrrr

    I’ll be the guinea pig!

    • C H

      *jumps on wagon*

  • Eric G.

    I also will be a guinea pig. Will post a review on ECF when I get it.

  • MissingMatter

    I’m A Guinea!

    • Mick

      LOL – Me too!!

  • Mick

    I couldn’t resist. I had to order.
    Who knows? I might be pleasantly surprised.
    I ordered the TMAX set too for $34.99 so, even if the Rocket sucks, I’m doin’ good

  • DG

    Just received the Lavafire. Works great with a Gemini tank. Having issues with Evods and Protanks but the Gemini’s are firing better than with Ego batteries or the Smok SID. Great value!

  • Mick

    – I received mine. I’m trying to come up with a word for it………I’m gonna go with JUNK !
    It’s terrible. You have to unscrew the switch to where it’s almost falling out to get it to fire in 18650 mode.
    The 18650 bounces around in it like a baby rattle.
    The 18350 mode works much better, but still, kinda sucks.
    You definitely get what you pay with this tube. In my opinion, this is a huge fail. –

    Opening and using the TMAX I ordered with the LF made the Lavafire disappointment a bit better.

  • So far 50 50 on it. Anyone else? Hows that TMAX Mick? Hot deal?

    • Mick

      TMAX is great. 🙂

  • MissingMatter

    Got it yesterday. Tube is nicely constructed. Bottom firing trigger is crap and needs some modifications. But for 13 bucks well worth the time investment.

  • joe stevens

    Got mine in the mail today. I have to agree on the firing pin. You have to unscrew it a lot to fire. It seems to have a good draw to it using the rsst. But for $13 it is a great mod to keep around for a spare.


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