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LG 18650 Battery Sale @101Vape (Up to 65% Off)

The LG 18650 Battery Sale is back…and it’s even better than last time!  It’s because of deals like these that 101vape has become my go-to battery vendor as of late.  They’ve got some seriously low prices going, starting at just $7 for a pair.  Along with Sony and Samsung, LG makes some of the best batteries for vaping, so this sale is definitely worth checking out.  No coupon code is needed, but this offer ends 8/28/16 (11:59pm PST), so stock up while you can.  FREE shipping applies to orders $75 and up.

*And if you missed the post from a few days ago, 101vape also has the new Sony VTC6 batteries in stock, priced at $18.99 for a pair.  I’ll leave the link below in case you’re interested.

LG 18650 Battery Sale

  • $7/pair: LG HB4 (1500mAh 30A), LG HE2 (2500mAh 20A), LG HD2 (2000mAh 25A), LG HD2C (2100mAh 20A)
  • $8/pair: LG HB6 (1500mAh 30A), LG HE4 (2500mAh 20A)
  • $11/pair: LG Brown HG2 (3000mah 20A)

$7-$11 LG 18650 Battery Sale


$18.99 Sony VTC6



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