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Lightning Vapes Battery Charger Sale is Back! (40% Off)

Here’s some good news for anyone who missed out on this deal a few weeks ago: Lightning Vapes is bringing back their Battery Charger Sale.  Their entire stock of chargers has already been discounted by 40%, no coupon code required.  Although this sale doesn’t end for about a week, I’d highly recommend stopping by ASAP.  Their stock is very limited and they expect it to be depleted quickly once the word gets out.  Also, keep in mind that if you spend $30 or more, you can get a 30mL of LV Max VG E-liquid for $1.

Lightning Vapes Battery Charger Sale

  • $10.79 Nitecore D2
  • $11.39 Nitecore i4
  • $14.99 Nitecore D4
  • $14.99 Efest LUC V4
  • $23.39 Efest Blu6
  • $26.99 Efest LUC V6



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