lost vape therion dna166

Lost Vape Therion DNA166 NEW COLORS! $124.95

I’m posting this deal a bit earlier than I’d planned just because I’m pretty excited about this one =)  The new Lost Vape Therion DNA166 colorways just hit the virtual shelves over at Fasttech.  They have just about every color combo you could possibly want too.  You can choose the color of the frame, inlay, and the battery door—see below for more details.  These are priced at $159, but you can drop the total down to $124.95 if you use coupon code “MAP” at checkout.  And, of course, you’ll get Worldwide FREE shipping as well.  Great deal…as long as you don’t mind a little wait.  These are currently on pre-sale with an ETA of 3/31/17.

Lost Vape Therion DNA166 New Color Options:

  • FRAME: Black, Silver
  • INLAY: Wood, Carbon Fiber
  • BATTERY DOOR: Africa Select, Bush Viper, Vivarium, Ocean Rainbow, Grey Rattle, Dark Blossom

$124.95 @fasttech

Use Coupon Code: MAP


$132.13 (LATERITE) @gearbest

Use Coupon Code: ecig15off



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