mech sauce

Mech Sauce 30mL $3.00 | Dr. Drip 33mL $3.99

If you want to sample a nice variety of new flavors, here’s 2 deals that I’d highly recommend checking out.  Fuggin has the entire line (12 flavors) of Mech Sauce E-liquid on sale right now.  The 30mL bottles are currently priced at just $3.00 each!

Also, MBV is running a limited-time offer on Dr. Drip Tasty Vapes.  You can pick up 2x 16.5mL bottles (33mL total) for only $3.99.  Just be sure to apply coupon code “OurBad” at checkout to get the extra discount.  That offer officially expires on Wednesday (4/18)…or while supplies last.

$3.00 30mL Mech Sauce (12 Flavors)


$3.99 2x 16.5mL Dr. Drip Tasty Vapes (4 Flavors)

Use Coupon Code: OurBad (expires 4/18/18)



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