Mechanical Mods

Paragon V3 Mod $110.00


The Paragon V3 Mod by Paragon Mods has just been stocked over at DNA. And, if you use the coupon code “5OFF” at checkout… the price falls to $110.00 with FREE SHIPPING and a FREE bottle of MP e-liquid. I gotta say… the Paragon V3 Mod is one SEKSI looking …

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The Hemlock By Alpine Mods (w/ Shipping) $76.50


There is always a place on GOTSMOK for a nice deal on an Authentic MOD! Introducing you guys to The Hemlock by Alpine Mods, and doing so with a 30% off coupon code “CyberMonday“. Stats on The Hemlock: 22mm Dia X 91.5mm Length M20 X 1mm Hybrid Top Cap: C360 …

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Tesla Invader (Wood Box Mod) $26.12


Act fast because the Tesla Invader has just hit the virtual shelves over at FastTech. You can pick it up for just $26.12 when you use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY14” at checkout. Damn good price if you ask me. The Tesla Invader is a wooden trigger style box mod that …

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FM Style Mechanical Mod $12.90


First off… shout out to Ian & Chris for the heads up on this deal. Focal has just placed a Copper FM Style Mechanical Mod on sale as their newest group buy. Get this… they have it priced at just $12.90! That’s over 50% off their regular price! And, they …

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Ebony Wood 18650 Mod $16.77


FastTech just stocked an Ebony Wood 18650 Mechanical Mod in two different colorways: copper and stainless steel. The copper version costs just $16.77 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. The stainless steel version is a little bit cheaper at $16.28 shipped. Both feature an Ebony Wood sleeve, copper contacts & an …

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Hammond Box Mod Kit $45.95


Shout out to John for the heads up on this deal. He found a cool DIY kit for a Hammond Box Mod. The price is $45.95 which is pretty good for what you get. This Hammond Box Mod Kit includes: Hammond 1590gbk Enclosure Keystone 1048 Dual Battery Sled Fat Daddy …

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SMY V10 Violin Style Wood Mech Mod $36.46


Looking for a mod to stand out from the rest of them? The SMY V10 Violin Style wooden mech mod looks somewhat gimmicky like to me. But on the other hand, I’m sure this is a pretty original design and I’m all for originality in our market. Has a pretty …

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Apollo Style Mechanical Mod $22.96


Here we go #TeamCheapMod!!! The Apollo Style Mechanical Mod has hit the paged over on FastTech. This makes me happy on so many levels. Just throwing this out there… The “legit” version of this mod is somewhere in the ballpark of $250.00. Making this pretty much 1/10 of the price at …

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