Mechanical Mods

Vulcan 18650 Mod + RDA $33.19


Is it still considered a clone if an “authentic” version never existed? Just wondering out loud over here.  Hey, I may be wrong but I don’t think a Vulcan 18650 mechanical mod has been made/released yet. But, FastTech just stocked a Vulcan 18650 Mechanical Mod + RDA Atomizer Kit for …

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FBT Uptown Style Mechanical Mod $29.00


Talk about making a big statement against corporate moguls and political influences with your mod. The FBT Uptown Style Mechanical Mod does just that. Just check out the engravings that pretty much cover half the length of the tube itself. The FBT Uptown Style Mechanical Mod is 304 stainless steel and …

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Manhattan Style 26650 Mechanical Mod $29.06


I introduce to you, the worlds first COMPETITION 26650 Mechanical Mod..? LOL. I just had to say it! The Manhattan Style 26650 Copper Mechanical Mod is over at FastTech. I really wish they would have just made this one with no logo’s because its not a clone if the authentic …

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Mojo Chi You Megan $200.00


Here’s a pretty good deal for #teamauthentic. HenleyVape has the Mojo Chi You Megan Mod on sale as part of their sen of summer blowout. They have it priced at just $200. I know what #teamcheapmod is thinking… $200! But considering that every other vendor has these on sale for …

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Copper Fortune Style Mod $25.95


There’s a pretty cool new mod that just was stocked over at FastTech. The Copper Fortune Style Mod is on sale for just $25.95  with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. It includes  the 18350 & 18650 battery tubes so it’s basically like a 2 in 1 cop. =) Seriously though, the …

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Slug Style Mod By Shenxi $48.99


101vape just dropped another beauty, the Slug Style Mechanical Mod by Shenxi. At $48.99, the price is a little high for #teamcheapmod. But, sometimes you gotta splurge a little right? =) The Slug is a fully mechanical mod that features a wood body with copper floating pin and battery tube. …

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26650 2six Style Mod $24.68


FastTech just stocked the copper and stainless steel versions of the 26650 2six Style Mod. The copper version is gonna set you back $24.68. While the stainless steel version $22.39. Both include FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. I gotta say, if your the type who prefers simple looking mods… the copper 26650 …

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Paragon Style Mechanical Mod (Black) $25.40


The Paragon Style Mechanical Mod is in stock and ready to ship from Angelcigs. Aesthetically this mod is pretty cool I’ve got to say. The carbon fiber wrapped copper tube with the copper ends are a great match. For $20 this is a valid option to jump on because even …

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