Mechanical Mods

VaporiJoye Snowman Mod $31.34


First off… Big thanks to Leslie/Panda for giving me the heads up for this post. I came across this pretty nice deal on a pretty sick looking mod. The VaporiJoye Snowman Mod is constructed of Acetal White Engineering Plastic (TEFLON) and has a nice and low voltage drop. Some features you …

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Transparent Mechanical Box Mod $22.47


This Transparent Mechanical Box Mod just hit the “Deal Of The Day” page over with our friends at VaporBeast. From the moment this posts goes up you have roughly 50 hours to check this deal out. Don’t forget to throw in coupon code “YEAHBABY” to add a little bit more …

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Dark Knight Mod by Vapesirs $70.00


Here’s a cool deal for all the mech mod heads out there in the VAPE DEALS community. I just got the heads up that UltraMist just placed the Vapesirs Dark Knight Mod on sale for just $70.00. Plus, they are throwing in FREE SHIPPING as well. It wasn’t too long …

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2puffs Munstro v2 Mech Mod $70.00


UltraMist just gave me the heads up that they placed the 2puffs Munstro v2 Mechanical Mod on sale. They have the whole set priced at just $70.00 with FREE SHIPPING included. Not bad considering that the original MSRP of the 2puffs Munstro v2 was $220. First off… this set includes …

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Incubus Styled Dual 18650 Mech Mod $42.55


FocalEcig just gave me the heads up that they placed a copper Incubus Styled Dual 18650 Mechanical Mod on sale (as a pre-sale) just just$42.55. That’s already over $5 cheaper than Fasttech’s price on their Incubus Styled mod.  InThis is Doris from focalecig. we are selling the Incubus clone for …

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Project Sub-ohm SMPL Plus Mod $129.99


I’m not a big mechanical mod fan lately. What can I say… I love my regulated box mods. =) But, I know that there are fans of mechanical mods out there in the VAPE DEALS community. This deal is for you guys. VaporDNA just went live with the new Project …

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SMPL+ / Low Pro Dripper Bundle $159.99


Ecig-city just stocked a new bundle. This time… it includes the brand new SMPL+ mechanical mod and a Low Pro Dripper. The SMPL+ features a new thermoplastic button that NEVER gets hot & aerospace palladium over copper contacts. The Low Pro Dripper is one of the smallest drippers on the …

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Incubus Styled Mechanical Box Mod $48.62


Fasttech just placed an Incubus Styled Mechanical Mod in stock (as a pre-order) for just $48.62 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not a bad deal at all since the original Incubus will set you back about $200+ more. This mod features a recessed 510 , adjustable batter contacts & top …

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