Mechanical Mods

Vapage VMOD Premium Kit $69.95


If you’ve been looking to pick up a Vapage VMOD Premium Kit at a discount but don’t wanna have to buy 2 just to get the discount… I have the deal for you. It looks like Dragon just put the silver premium kit on clearance for $69.95. That’s 30% off …

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Smok Telescope Mechanical Mod $18.95


Here’s an oldie but a goody. It looks like DragonFly just placed their stock of the Smok Telescope mechanical mod on clearance. Price is $18.95. No jumping through hoops or coupon codes needed. For those of us that don’t remember, the Smok Telescope is a fully mechanical 510 threaded MOD. …

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Blackout JM22 Mechanical Mod Clone $13.14


It seems like more and more mods are coming out with a “blackout” version. The newest baby in the bunch… The blackout JM22 mechanical mod clone that just dropped at FastTech. And, as far as getting value from your vape bucks… I don’t know what else they can give you …

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Smoktech Natural Mechanical MOD Blowout $21.95


Here’s a pretty nice deal on the Smoktech Natural Mechanical MOD. Dragon just placed their stock on clearance. How many they have… your guess is as good as mine. The price? How about $21.95! That’s almost $30 off the original retail price. It’s even $10 cheaper than the lowest price …

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Brass Hammer Of Kato Clone! $26.59


Just when you thought you were out… the vendor we all love to hate keeps pulling us back in. This time, with the release of the BRASS Hammer of Kato clone! Come on now. I can just imagine how pimp this would look with something like the brass sleeve Kraken …

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Oni MOD Telescopic Mechanical Clone $21.45


I found it very interesting that the Oni MOD clone dropped today. As a matter of fact… I’m was pretty surprised that the Oni MOD clone even existed. Especially given it’s infamous reputation as a Nzonic clone. That being said, it’s a pretty solid mod that features a telescopic body, …

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Brass Nemesis MOD Clone PRICE DROP! $19.79


When the all brass Nemesis MOD clone dropped a few months ago, it was priced at $23.00. Which was a bona fide steal at that time. Well, a few months & 130+ reviews later… the price has dropped down even further. The all brass Nemesis MOD clone now costs just …

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Stainless Steel Stingray MOD Clone $31.72


With last weeks JD Tech Stingray MOD clone dropping in two tone… you know the stainless steel version would soon follow. Well, the wait was short and sweet. Today, the stainless steel Stingray MOD clone dropped over at FastTech. Price? How about just $31.72 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Not …

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