Mechanical Mods

Hades 26650 Mechanical MOD Clone (PRESALE) $40.00


I just got a heads up that UltraMist is having a PRESALE going on for the Hades 26650 mechanical MOD clone. They have the polished stainless steel & the brushed two tone versions available to choose from. And, at just $40… I think this just may be the cheapest option …

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Hades MOD Clone (Now At FastTech) $30.24


You knew FastTech as gonna get the Hades MOD clone. The only question was at what price they will drop it at. Well, we got our answer today. FastTech put the Hades MOD clone in stock for just $30.24 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included.  No doubt a pretty awesome deal. …

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Gold Plated Maraxus Telescoping MOD Clone $27.88


With last weeks Lotus RDA clone release… you knew that they were gonna release a matching MOD. Well here you go… FastTech just stocked the gold plated Maraxus MOD clone. This version features a floating 510 center pin, telescoping tube and laser engraved serial and logos. Just throw in your …

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Hcigar Copper Nemesis Clone (USA Vendor) $41.88


Trying to find the Hcigar Copper Nemesis in stock and ready to ship from a USA vendor is like trying to get a piece of cake away from a fat kid. Almost impossible! With that said, it looks like EmpireVapes has a few in stock on eBay. I mean seriously, …

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Valkyrie Hybrid MOD Clone By EHPro $51.99


If you were thinking about copping the Valkyrie Hybrid MOD Clone but didn’t because you wanted a more accurate higher quality clone. Or, you don’t wanna buy from overseas and would rather cop from a USA vendor, here’s your chance. It looks like 101vape just placed the EHPro Valkyrie Hybrid …

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Origin Aqua Clone Combo Kit $54.99


If you haven’t copped an Origin or Aqua clone yet… have I got a deal for you. 101vape just placed an Origin Aqua clone combo kit in stock and ready to ship. And, it costs just $54.99 for both of them. Which basically means that if you buy the Origin …

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Silver Dog Hybrid Mechanical MOD Clone $21.87


Yesterday, FastTech stocked the Silver Dog Hybrid Clone. And, from the looks of it… it looks like one of the nicest hybrid MODs that they’ve had in stock. The original Silver Dog Hybrid is a center wick genesis style hybrid MOD that works pretty well. But, what’s cool is that …

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Black Hawk Panzer Mechanical MOD Clone $32.15


First off, shoutout to Heinrich for the heads up on this deal. It looks like the Panzer MOD clone has just been kicked up a notch. Introducing the Black Hawk Panzer mechanical MOD clone! For those of us that don’t know, the Black Hawk Panzer is a $250 limited edition mechanical …

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