Mechanical Mods

Ikarus Hybrid 2.1 Clone PRE-SALE $39.99


The first pre-sale that I posted up on the Ikarus Hybrid 2.1 clone was at $50 plus and it sold like crazy. Well, today is a different day. 101 is a different company. And the Ikarus hybrid is going for a different (lower) price. =) Were talking just $39.99 for …

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Hammer MOD By Kato Clone (Chammer) $44.99


Missed out on the first PRE-SALE of the Hammer MOD by Kato Clone? Well, here’s your second chance. Trust me when I say that it’s an understatement when I say that this will sell out. And, sell out with the quickness! But hey… don’t take my word for it. Just …

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Vapage VMOD XL BOGO Sale


For those of you who follow GOTSMOK on instagram… you know I just took a Vegas road trip. And, this is the third Vegas trip in a row that I rocked my VMOD XL. I’m telling you… it’s quite possibly the best “on-the-go” mod. Sturdy plastic construction… check. 9mL of …

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Nemesis Mechanical MOD Clone (USA Vendor) $43.95


Here’s a pretty awesome deal for those of you who are still trying to cop the Nemesis mechanical mod clone but don’t want to wait the 15+ days to cop from Fasttech. I found a USA vendor that has them in stock and ready to ship for $43.95. That’s just …

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Lotus MOD By Elli (Free Shipping & Juice) $185.00


VaporDNA just placed the Lotus MOD by Elli in stock and ready to ship. They have limited stock of both the brushed and polished versions. Considering that the production run is limited to 300… just finding them in stock is a deal in itself. But, for a limited time… also …

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Poldiac Mechanical MOD Clone $24.20


Considering how recent clones of mechanical mods have been 90% accurate… calling this a Poldiac clone might be stretching it. But, it’s no doubt heavily inspired by the Poldiac. And hey, it’s not bad looking either. And besides… there are not very many side firing mechanical mods where the fire …

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Brass Nemesis Clone $23.00


I woke up this morning to an explosion of e-mails. The brass Nemesis clone has dropped! I opened up my browser and checked for myself… sure enough… the brass Nemesis clone has just hit the web. And, at just $23.00!  Crazy price for and awesome clone. I’m pretty sure that …

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M11 BCC Starter Kit $15.71


I have a feeling that 14500 mods are gonna start getting more popular. What’s not to like about a smaller (more stealthy) vape? Seriously… you don’t always need a hugh 18650 mod right? =) Well, if you’ve been wanting to try a 14500 MOD but have been waiting for a …

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