MKB-TS Telescope Mechanical MOD (GGTS Clone) $59.99

Looking for GG quality without the GG price? Look no further than the Rainbow MKB-TS. The MKB-TS is a telescoping mechanical MOD. And if you haven’t noticed already… it bears a sticking resemblance to the GG. Let’s just say… this is the most accurate GGTS clone that has come out of China. Even the knurled air flow adjustment has been re-created! And being such a good clone… it had a premium price. A few weeks ago… these were going for upwards of $100! But at $59.99 this is becoming a very temping piece of vaping hardware. But, if you want it… act fast because quantities are defiantly limited on this one.


  • John

    I jumped on this one when i seen the post thursday morning. I ordered it that night and noticed that it had shipped by 9:30 fri morning. Just wanna say i love this website for digging for all the best deals . ive made a daily routine of watching

    • Nice… glad when deals help people get what they want.


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