MtBakerVapor Tax Refund 2018 Sale

MtBakerVapor just announced the details of their Tax Refund Sale.  You can get 15% off orders over $45, 18% off orders $75+, or 20% off orders $100+.  Just be sure to apply the appropriate coupon code (listed below) at checkout.  MBV already has a reputation for making affordable e-liquids, so any extra discount here could really pay off.  They didn’t give a specific expiration date/time, but they did say this offer would be valid all week.  I’d recommend getting your orders in by Friday (4/20) just to be safe.  Shipping is FREE if you spend $50 or more.

MtBakerVapor Tax Refund Sale

  • 15% OFF Orders $45 – $74.99
    • Use Coupon Code: Refund1
  • 18% OFF Orders $75 – $99.99
    • Use Coupon Code: Refund2
  • 20% OFF Orders $100 – $150
    • Use Coupon Code: Refund3



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