Happy Halloween VAPE DEALS!

Halloween has got to be one of my most favorite holidays. When else can you dress the way you want, get free candy and get to scare people all on the same day. =) Seriously though… I want to wish each and every one of you reading this a Happy …

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HR 2058 | Show Your Support


Calling all vapers… please take some time out of your day to support HR 2058. HR 2058 is a bill that would stop the FDA from banning 99%-plus of vapor products. It gotta be done. And, it’s gotta be done today! If you don’t… vaping as we know it can …

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PHE Landmark E-cigarette Review


Finally some good news that’s worth reporting. PHE (Public Health England) has just released their landmark e-cigarette review on There are three key findings of the review: The current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking. Nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes …

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Man o man… it seems like the 4th Of July deals keep going. Well, I’ve put up more than enough of them to make you broke for the next few months. =) Seriously though, unless I get the heads up on some vendor giving away everything for FREE I think …

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Happy Mothers Day


Most of you know that I hardly ever take a day off. But, I’m making an exception for today. My wife blessed me with a beautiful healthy baby girl last year. And, today is my wife’s first Mothers Day as an official mother. So, I’m taking the day off to …

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If It Ain’t Broke…


I’m sure you guys already noticed… but I have had a lot of requests to go back to the old color scheme. And, I have even more requests to add pagination to the “latest vape deals” section. Well, who am I to argue with what the VAPE DEALS community wants. …

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Vape Deals | A Long Time In The Making…


GOTSMOK.COM started with a realization. Ubersole bought me my first e-cig setup as a Christmas gift a little over 2 years ago. With it, I was able to quit analogs in just a few days. When I saw how easy it was for me to quit, I knew that everyone …

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E-Cigarette Vapor Shown To Repress Immune System


So I site I frequent quite often just posted a new article entitled “E-Cigarette Vapor Shown To Repress Immune System“. The article states “Our findings suggest that e-cigarettes are not neutral in terms of the effects on the lungs.” Even though nothing is burned with the use of e-cigarettes “there are …

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