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Nic Salt Eliquid Clearance -25 Flavors Under $7.00!

I was just over at VolcanoEcigs and noticed that they added a bunch of Nic Salt Eliquid Deals to their clearance section.  There are now 25 different flavors on sale for $6.99 or less, no coupon code needed!  I’ll list all the options (as well as the available nicotine levels) down below just to save you some time.  As always, keep in mind that VolcanoEcigs offers FREE shipping when you spend $29.99 or more.

Nic Salt Eliquid Clearance Deals

  • $4.99
    • Dragonthol by Solace 15mL (50mg)
    • Neked Peach Rings by Solace 15mL (30, 50mg)
    • Strawberry Hard Candy by Solace 15mL (30, 50mg)
  • $5.99
    • Apple Pear Watermelon by HMBL Salt 30mL (20, 35mg)
    • Blue Blood by HMBL Salt 30mL (20, 35mg)
    • Lemon Cake by HMBL Salt 30mL (20, 35mg)
    • Mystery Pop by Mighty Vapors 30mL (36, 50mg)
  • $6.99
    • Booboo by Silverback 30mL (25, 45mg)
    • Candy Rush Nic Salt Eliquid by Mega 30mL (30, 50mg)
    • Currant by Mi-Salt 30mL (20, 40mg)
    • Fresh Cucumber by Frisco Vapor 30mL (25, 50mg)
    • Grape by Mi-Salt 30mL (20, 40mg)
    • Halle Berry by Madewell 30mL (36, 50mg)
    • Halle Berry Ice by Madewell 30mL (36, 50mg)
    • Honeycomb Berry by Fresh Pressed 30mL (30, 50mg)
    • Juusu by Yami Vapor 30mL (50mg)
    • Lola by Silverback 30mL (25, 45mg)
    • Mango by Mi-Salt 30mL (20, 40mg)
    • Menthol by Mi-Salt 30mL (20, 40mg)
    • Pink Squares Nic Salt Eliquid by Candy King 30mL (35, 50mg)
    • Pinky by Cloudmouth Vapors 30mL (35, 50mg)
    • Pomelo by Mi-Salt 30mL (20, 40mg)
    • Sakura by Sugoi Vapor 30mL (50mg)
    • Saltwater Apple by Coastal Clouds 30mL (35, 50mg)
    • Watermelon Rush by Mega 30mL (50mg)
  • $7.99
    • Guava Nic Salt Eliquid by Rype Vapors 30mL (35mg)


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement