NOLA E-liquid Sale (60mL) $13.99

Fuggin just gave me the heads up that they have NOLA e-liquids on sale for just $13.99. That’s $16 off the MSRP! This sale even includes their latest flavor “Dulce De Banana N Oats”. Here’s a great opportunity to finally try all of the flavors at a great discounted price. Have a great weekend. =)

NOLA Flavor Profiles:

  • Apple N Oats | Vanilla bean granola oats atop sweet & tart green apples.
  • Dulce De Banana N Oats | Warm caramel drizzled over baked bananas atop of vanilla bean granola.
  • Honey Marshmallow N Oats | Vanilla bean granola oats drizzled with honey over gooey marshmallows.
  • Strawberries N Oats | Vanilla bean granola oats atop of sweet ripe strawberries.



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