OmVapors 4th Of July Promotion

Our friends over at OmVapors just sent me a heads up that their 4th Of July promotion has just went live. From now through 07/09… you can use the coupon code “OMVAPE60” at checkout and you’ll save 60% off of ALL e-liquids! And, as if that wasn’t already good enough… you can also use the coupon code “DIY50” at checkout and you’ll save 50% off of WTA and USP nicotine base! Both are pretty solid deals in my book. And, you can use this deal to actually stock up for the 4th of July. =)

Use Coupon Code: OMVAPE60 (60% off of all e-liquids)
Use Coupon Code: DIY50 (50% off of WTA and USP nicotine base)



  1. I generally don’t like putting forth any kind of negativity, but… I ordered a lot of juice from omvapors a little over a month ago BC of a 60% off discount, I figured what could it hurt, I’d have a ton of juice even if it wasn’t the best… Truly wish I’d saved my money, I’ve been giving the bottles away to friends who need juice, and even they only use it as a last resort. I tried their all their cereal flavors and most all of the desserts (especially the “custards”), and I honestly cannot recommend this company’s products whatsoever.


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