Omvapors 60% Off Sale Extended

I just got the heads up that Omvapors 60% off sale has been extended. All you have to do is use the coupon code “OMVAPE60” at checkout and you’ll save 60% off the items listed below. With that said… I don’t know how much longer this sale has been extended for. So, I wouldn’t take too long to take advantage of it this time around.

Omvapors 60% Off Sale Products:

• Om Express 30 ml bottles for $3.10
• Om Express 120 ml bottles for $7.99
• 2016 and Reincarnation 30 ml bottles for $4.00
• 2016 and Reincarnation 120 ml’s bottle for $9.99

Use Coupon Code: OMVAPE60



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