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OVC Clapton Coil (Subtank or Aspire) $19.99

I have a feeling that this deal is going to be REALLY popular. Ecig-city just placed the OVC (Organic Vertical Clapton) Clapton Coil on sale (as a pre-sale) in two different flavors. The first is the one compatible with the Kanger Subtank line of sub-ohm tanks: Subtank Mini, Subtank Nano and Subtank Plus tanks. The second is compatible with the more popular Aspire tanks including the Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Atlantis Mega, Aspire Triton and Herakles tanks. They each come in a pack of four and each coil lasts 3-4 weeks on average. Pre-made clapton coils for the most popular sub-ohm tanks… do I even have to say anymore? =)

OVC Clapton Coil (Kanger Subtank)


OVC Clapton Coil (Aspire)


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. I was dying to try these a month ago but I decided to wait for a couple of reviews first which is a change of pace for me. You may want to check out first.

  2. I ordered a pack of these from atom vapes directly and tried them last week. I have the .3 kanger coils. The taste is garbage. I didn’t bother waiting to see if they broke in since the kanger coils taste great righ off the bat and the new vertical coils put off plenty of vapor. Also there are two video reviews out there that say they never really do break in and the cotton tastes terrible. Also the videos show that the wire used has something like machine oil or God knows what that burns off when a new coil is broken down and the wire dry fire. My impression is that these g Clapton coils are a gimmicky and low quality Chinese substitute for what is actually a decent and proven coil. Oh but they are gold, so there’s that…….

  3. All the reviewers off of youtube that I have seen states that these gold coils are terrible I got a funky taste and the wire is very thin and cheap

    • All the reviewers? I could only find the one by vapnfagan and he seems to HATE them. I would too if I tasted machine oil. LOL. But the two other “reviews” that I see by AmbitionZ VapeR and Logan Robinson seems to like it. Those are the only three reviews I could find when I searched ovc clapton on youtube. have links to the other reviews? I was interested in checking these out. But I might have to save my money if the consensus is that it wasn’t just a bad batch and it’s actually a bad product.

  4. Almost got this until seeing VapN Fagans review. But I noticed they had the TF4 full kit for 29.99 which I bought. Does anyone know where these guys are located I don’t think there a China site. there probably out of California but I’m not sure. I’m talking about E Cig City

  5. Patrick David

    I got these a few days ago but the ni200 coils and they work fine for me. Although the ramp up time take a while, it kinda makes sense for claptons to do that. Lasts longer than regular Sense herakles ni200 coils at least.

  6. Not sure if vapnfagan got a bad batch. AmbitionZ seems to be likeing them well enough

  7. Besides the people who tried this and hated them…I see that these are gold plated copper? Yuck. No thanks.

  8. mercenarygrip

    Save your money, these coils are CRAP!! But they’re gold, so you’ve got that going for you. 🙂

  9. Imma have to respectfully disagree I really am liking these coils and imma order them from here on can’t understand why u all don’t like them. I am getting more flavor from my juice and they seem to be working well all around 4 me on my Kanger sub box mini kit!!



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