Astro MOD By Kato Clone $24.00


The #clonewars is on again after last’s weeks brief interruption. Up next to bat… the Astro MOD by Kato. It features a stainless steel and brass telescopic body, laser etched pattern & telescopic 510 center pin (brass). And if it’s anything like the last 2 “laser etched” clone (the Chi …

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Smok RSST Stainless Steel Tank $49.95


This deal is definitely not for #teamcheapmod. In fact… this replacement tank is about 2x the price for the RSST itself. But it’s the first time that I’ve seen it in stock so I’m throwing it out there. Introducing the Smok RSST stainless steel tank made by JB Steamworks. The …

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Fogger Rebuildable Atomizer (IN STOCK) $31.95


It’s great that USA vendors are starting to become competitive with China vendor prices. Take the Fogger Rebuildable Atomizer for example. When these first dropped exactly 1 month ago at Fasttech… they were priced at $40.00 and they flew out the doors! Then they came in at $10 cheaper from …

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Ready Wire Bundles (1.2, 1.5, 1.8 & 2.2ohm) $7.59


Ok, with your first deal almost sold out… it’s time far a new ready wire bundles deal. But I can’t take full credit for this deal (thanks Alex for this deal scoop). All that being said… discount vapers just placed 50 piece ready wire bundles in stock and ready to …

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X8 Cartomizer Tank (FREE SHIPPING) $7.00


Here is a pretty good deal on the X8 cartomizer tank from a USA vendor. Ultravaping just placed it on sale for more than 50% off. Plus… it ships for free! For those of you in the market for a decent carto tank on a budget… follow the link below …

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Acrylic Drip Tips (Crazy Colors & Shapes) $9-12.22


There were a lot of new acrylic drip tips that hit FT today. And if you’ve been visiting GOTSMOK for any amount of time… you know I love my drip tips. I’m especially fond of the pawn style (type 4) drip tips. Now, usually when I cop one at my …

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Kamry K300 MOD (IN STOCK & READY 2 SHIP) $67.45


The Kamry K300 MOD is the newest mechanical to hit the scene. And, not without it’s fair share of hype & hate right from the jump.The hype? For those of you who don’t know, the Kamry K300 MOD is a clone of the Jugganaut hybrid. And, in terms of a …

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iTaste SVD MOD (Variable Voltage/Wattage) $37.21


I received quite a few e-mails this week asking about variable voltage / wattage devices. In my opinion… the stainless steel Vamo and the iTaste SVD can’t be beat for the price. Both feature solid stainless steel bodies. Both can adjust voltage & wattage. Both can even support multiple battery …

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