iSmoka Magoo Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) Tank $44.95


The first time we posted the PRE-SALE of the iSmoka Magoo… they were hot. And with good reason. Every review that I’ve seen on this RBA has been nothing but positive. Well here’s a deal with them in stock and ready to ship! The iSmoka Magoo is a RBA in …

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Sony us18650v3 IMR Battery 2 Pack $9.98


Here’s basically a breakdown of the current vape world. Mechanical MOD this, RBA that, sub ohm coil, sub ohm dual coil, sub ohm quad coil. See a pattern? With the recent sub ohm craze… safety is an ever present concern. A concern that can be minimized with one simple step… …

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Drip Tips Galore, FREE Shipping Included! $1 & Up


As some of you already know… I’m a bit picky about my MOD being color coordinated. Weird right? I can even admit… I may be a little OCD about it. Seriously. I’m always buying new drip tips to match my new MOD, RDA… heck even my eGo lanyard. I’m sure …

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Anyvape Davide Mini Glassomizer $11.69


With the recent releases of the Protank, Protank 2, Puritank and the Davide… where’s the eGo love? Right here. With the newly released Anyvape Davide MINI glassomizer. Anyvape basically took all the features found in there newly released Davide glassomizer and shrunk it down. Primarily to fit perfectly on top …

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Taifun GT RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) Clone $40.00


I waited a day to post this deal to see if the price will be lowered. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not gonna be lowered. But at $40… this still might be tempting to some. Introducing the Fogger… which is a Taifun GT RBA clone. It’s a bottom coil rebuildable …

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Pyrex Glass Drip Tips Clearance $12.99


I just got the 411 on this awesome deal on Pyrex glass drip tips! High Dessert just got a new shipment of Pyrex glass drip tips and they are clearing out there old stock at clearance prices. What exactly is clearance prices? Were talking just $12.99 for each drip tip. …

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Vamo v4 (v2 Body with v3 Guts) $39.59-44.09


I gotta say… I pushed the Vamo v2 so hard back in the day. And why not… it was feature rich with a small price and it looked good. Then came along the Vamo v3 and I was like what the heck! Why did they feel the need to mess …

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Grand Vapor Trident Clone (24k Gold Plated) $16.35


What to do when the regular old Grand Vapor Trident clone just doesn’t sparkle enough? My vote is rock a 24k gold plated version! =) In all seriousness though… the Grand Vapor Trident clone is quality. Features like the air flow controller all the way down to the chubby o-rings …

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