Grand Vapor M16 Sentinel Clone $11.54


When the all brass M16 clone hit earlier this week at $16.22… I thought that deal was hot. But now the Grand Vapor M16 Sentinel clone 2 tone version has just dropped and at a crazy price of $11.52! Come on… seriously! Just $11.54 for a decent looking MOD that …

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Apollo E Cig FREE 10mL Bottle Of Your Choice!


Lets make this deal short and simple. For a limited time only… Apollo E Cig is giving away free 10mL bottles of e-liquid! Yes, you read that right… FREE Apollo E Cig Juice! Follow the link below and get a free 10mL bottle of e-juice in the flavor and strength …

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Kanger T3S BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomizer) $4.20


VaperCompany has just put the Joyetech eVic, Protank, AGR carto tank & the Kanger T3S on sale. But the “deal” is that their “VC15” coupon code stacks on top of their sale prices. This puts the Kanger T3S BCC (bottom coil clearomizer) at just $4.20. A pretty good price for …

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Vapor Skinz Coupon Code 20% OFF!


Time for some MOD swag! I just got the 411 on the newest Vapor Skinz coupon code. Just use the coupon code “SUMMER20” at checkout and get 20% off your entire order. Offer expires Saturday August 31st at 11:59 pm CST. Offer is also only valid at Head on …

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Trippy Tips Glass Drip Tips $20.00


Yes, I understand there isn’t really a deal on this post.  I just felt like taking a break from the normal deals and steals.  These are Trippy Tips drip tips hand made of glass.  Each one is a unique piece of art.  These Trippy Tips will fit any 510 or …

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Mini DID Genesis V2 Rebuildable Atomizer (Clone) $8.36


I have to put this atomizer up.  It’s the Mini DID Genesis Rebuildable Atomizer Clone.  This is my FIRST genesis style rebuildable.  I remember how frustrating it was trying to build a genny.  The first week was a pain trying to get it right.  A couple weeks later, after many …

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DBOX Puritank (Pyrex Tank) $12.79


When we first dropped the DBOX Puritank… they sold like hotcakes. And with good reason. This was what the original Protank should have been. Some might even make the argument that the DBOX Puritank is what the Protank 2 should be too. What’s so good about it? Well, they use …

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Electric Angel MOD Clone $19.48


I was waiting for the next #clonewars MOD to drop. I mean… it’s almost been a few days already. =) Well, imagine my surprise when i woke up today and already had a few e-mails about the $20 Electric Angel MOD clone. Seriously… $20! And, from the looks of it… …

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