MOD Travel Case (Waterproof & Crushproof) $22.45


It’s not very often that I post a MOD travel case deal. In fact… I think that this is the first one. I guess that’s because this is the first one worth mentioning. =) Check this case out. According to the description… it is water, dust & crush proof. It’s …

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Vapage VMOD XL Premium Kit 50% Off! $67.17


If our most recent wallpaper didn’t make it obvious… the GOTSMOK crew hit up Vegas over the weekend. 4 days of gambling, drinking and of course vaping! And, as with any road trip… my VMOD XL was at my side. Seriously… this is the perfect “vacay” vape. 9mL of you …

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Sigelei 8w Mechanical MOD (Caravella Clone) $24.63


You still got a few days to jump on this hot deal on the Sigelei 8w. AKA “The Sigelei Caravella Clone”. And after reading the reviews on this mechanical MOD… getting it for less than $25 is a steal. Geez… it seems like I’ve been saying that a lot lately. …

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Magneto w/ NO LOGO & Adjustable Pin (PRESALE) $34.00


I swear… my man @VAPESTARS always comes with the heat when he puts me on a deal. And this is one hell of a Magneto deal. First of all… this is a PRE-SALE deal. So if you’re looking to get your hands it right now… you might wanna check out …

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ZEN Atty Pro Clone (RBA) $15.99


I woke up this morning looking forward to see the new player in the “clone wars”. And I wasn’t let down at all. Check out this new RBA. It looks an awful lot like a ZEN Atty Pro clone. Except it costs less than $16 and is available right now. …

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Kanger Protank 2 Mini (PRE-SALE) $14.40


The Protank was awesome. The Puritank is awesomeness reloaded. The Kanger Protank 2 is awesomeness the way it should have been released. And now… introducing the Kanger Protank 2 Mini… awesomeness with an eGo! Or should I say… for an eGo! Potion Vape is the first to bring this to …

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RSST Post Upgrade (Silver Plated Brass) $4.00


I gotta say… I love my RSST. Has a solid stainless steel construction. Sports a very simple design that’s easy to re-build. And, best of all… a silver plated brass positive post. Wait hold up a sec. The RSST doesn’t have a silver plated brass post. But it can now …

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Smoktech Winder VV & ARO Pyrex BCC $29.39


I gotta say… while surfing MadVapes I came accross the Smoktech Winder VV 900mAh & ARO Pyrex BCC tank. And, I gotta admit… it looks like a solid match. And, if your like me… you gotta coordinate! And these make it easy. Available in black, red, silver, blue and pink… …

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