Sony VTC4 (4 batteries) + Nitecore I4 Combo $52.94


I came across a pretty cool little combo deal on Sony VTC4 batteries and a Nitecore I4 going on over on the bay. Ok follow me for a second here while I do a little math. The price for a Sony VTC4 is round about $11 – $12 right? Maybe …

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Mythos E-Liquid (100% PG Free) $17.99


Mythos E-Liquid is the newest 100% PG free juice line to hit the vape shelves. 100% PG free is the same as 100% VG right? Anyway, this is a new juice for all you cloud chuckers out there and I must say its pretty tasty. I have Fire and Ice sitting …

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Clear Top Cap & Sleeve For TOBH $14.49


Here’s a cool little accessory for all you TOBH owners out there. Shoptilludrop214 on the Bay has the Clear Top Cap & Sleeve for TOBH Style Atomizers in stock and ready to ship for $14.49. The price includes FREE STANDARD SHIPPING as well. Just replace your stock setup with the …

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Authentic Mutation X RDA $19.95


Here’s the lowest price that I’ve seen yet on an authentic Mutation X RDA by Indulgence. DragonFlyEcigs has just placed them in stock and ready to ship for only $19.95! That’s a few dollars cheaper than the cheapest price yet. Not a bad price on one of the hottest RDA …

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Ecig Zipper Pouch Case $2.73


Heres a handy accessory that won’t break the bank. These Ecig Zipper Pouch Cases have just been stocked over at our favorite overseas vendor in 3 different colorways: black, blue & red. And, at a price that you can’t argue with… $2.73 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! Each is designed …

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Paragon Style Mechanical Mod Red Carbon Fiber $30.99


The Paragon Style Mechanical mod is a beast of a mod and now you can pick it up over on the bay with a red carbon fiber look to it. This 1:1 is pretty clean I must say. Full copper from top cap, tube and bottom cap so you know …

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Aspire ET-S Dual Coil Glassomizer $5.50


Here’s a good deal for those out there that like to rock eGo style clearomizers. 3avape just placed the Aspire ET-S Dual Coil Glassomizer in stock and ready to ship for $5.50. A pretty decent price considering that the Aspire ET-S features a dual coil atomizer head that produces twice …

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Big Veritas Style 26650 RDA $15.40


Big ups to @Mistmob on my Instagram page for reminding me to check today. I came across the Big Veritas Style 26650 RDA at 10 bucks. Oh how I miss when they had free shipping over there. With it only being $10, if you add the shipping of $5.40, …

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