Innokin iTaste MVP Starter Kit $47.32


The Innokin iTaste MVP is one solid MOD. And, this is one solid deal for it! This deal includes (1) Innokin iTaste 2600 mAh APV (advanced personal vaporizer), (2) Innokin iClear 16 atomizers, (1) USB charging cable, (1) decorative ring. This is everything any vaper would want in an ecig …

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Stainless Steel Vamo $27.99 (FREE SHIPPING)


The stainless steel vamo is pound for pound the most feature pack APV (advanced personal vaporizer) for the money. Especially when your talking about $27.99 and free shipping! That’s right… we’ve been pimping fast tech for a while now and just when you thought that they couldn’t get any better… …

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Empire Clone K100 eCig MOD (All 3 Colors) $38.61


And you thought my other deals on the empire clone were good! Check this deal out for the Kamry K100 (whole starter kit). Fasttech has been bringing the eCig heat lately and this MOD is no exception. They have just released all three colors of the empire clone (k100). The …

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Kamry K100 MOD & Free E-liquid $23.96 (FREE SHIPPING)


JUMP ON THIS DEAL QUICK! SHOULD I SAY IT AGAIN? JUMP ON THIS DEAL QUICK!!! There have been alot of Kamry K100 deals lately… but this one takes the cake. AquaVaporCig is offering the Kamry K100 MOD, with a free bottle of e-liquid for $23.96 shipped! They only have the …

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Vamo v2 Starter Kit $49.48


It seems like I’ve been hitting up Fasttech a lot lately… and here’s another reason why. Here is another great deal on a complete Vamo v2 starter kit. This starter kit includes (1) stainless steel v2 Vamo, (1) US charger, (2) 18350 batteries, (1) Vivi Nova, (1) needle tip e-liquid bottle & …

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K100 Drip Tip $1.38


This deal is short and simple. The K100 Drip Tip. The same K100 drip tip other vendors sell anywhere from 3-5 dollars. Well, pick it up here for $1.38 with free worldwide shipping. I don’t have much ore to say about this one. OUT! Use Coupon Code: CPASTE13SPRING

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Kamry K200 (Tesla Clone) $43.18


The Kamry K200 (also known as the Tesla Clone) comes from the same people that brought you the K100 (Empire Clone) so you know the quality is top notch! And here is your chance to be one of the first to be able to get your hands on one. The …

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AGA-T2 IN STOCK & Ready To Ship $22.99


To find the AGA-T2 in stock is kinda hard to do. And, for good reason. With it’s solid stainless steel and Pyrex glass construction, you’d be hard press to find a tank made from better materials. And with it’s price tag… it’s impossible to find a RBA (rebuildable atomizer) that performs better for …

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