Russian 91 RBA PRE SALE Round 2 $83.25


The first Russian 91 PRE SALE that I posted late last week sold out with the quickness and has already been shipped! And, it’s easy to see why. The Russian 91 RBA is not only one of the hottest RBAs on the market but also one of the hardest to …

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Lizard Juice Coupon Code 30% Off!


Lizard Juice said share, share, share this coupon. Well, don’t mind if I do. =) I got this deal in an e-mail and I gotta say… 30% off is always a nice thing! =) Just use the coupon code “SHAREFOR30” at checkout and save 30% off your entire purchase. Perfect …

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Youde IGO-T Titanium Rebuildable Atomizer $23.91


Here’s the newest RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) from Youde. The same company that has brought you the IGO-L, IGO-W & AGA-T2. Need I say more… you know the quality is gonna be top notch. Introducing the Youde IGO-T Titanium. The Youde IGO-T Titanium features a titanium cap & base and …

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Bully Phoenix Atomizer VP13 $6.00


Here is a pretty good deal on the Bully Phoenix Atomizer VP13. Ultravaping has just placed them on sale. And when I say “on sale”… I really mean 50% off there regular price. At just $6.00… the Bully Phoenix Atomizer VP13 looks like a solid option for an eGo RDA …

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Pure Cigs Coupon Code For 60% Off E-juice!


I just got some insider information that needs to get out there. The newest Pure Cigs coupon code that just dropped is for 60% OFF ALL E-LIQUID PURCHASES! Just use the coupon code “liquid60” at checkout to get your discount. Offer is valid now until¬†10/31/13 so you got a little …

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Kayfun Clone (Rocket Rebuildable Atomizer) $13.37


You know all about the Kayfun and it’s high end clone the Russian & the Russian 91%. And, you may also know that these devices go for anywhere between $90-200+. Seriously… $200 dollars for an atomizer. That’s kinda crazy to me. Well, Fasttech just released a cheap version of the …

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Boge Vivi Nova Or CE5 (Your Choice) $2.99


Here is an awesome deal for those of us that rock Vivi Novas or CE5s. Purecigs has just hooked up a crazy price for the GOTSMOK community. Just follow the link below and get either the Boge Vivi Nova or the Boge CE5 for just $2.99! That’s priced lower than …

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Doc Dave Steam Turbine Clone $23.00


Another shot has been fired in the #clonewars. This time around… the Doc Dave Steam Turbine clone has hit the web priced at just $23.00. Detractors can say what they wanna say about the quality of the finish or the poorly cut glass… all I gotta say is this. For …

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