New Logo Chi You Clone $27.00


I swear… didn’t the new logo Chi You just come out a few weeks ago? Well, those who copped them had at least a month before the clone version dropped. Wow, just typing that is crazy. Anyways, the new logo Chi You clone just dropped today. As you can see, …

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Kamry K300 MOD (Black Or Silver) $49.21


I’m pretty sure that this is the lowest price yet on the Kamry K300 “BCC Hybrid” MOD. Well, lets clarify that… the K300 was slated to be a clone of the Juggernaut hybrid. Well, somewhere alone the way… Kamry decided that it would be better to not make it a …

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Brass Magneto Mechanical MOD Clone $22.87


The brass Magneto mechanical MOD clone has just dropped. And, it’s a solid alternative to the original coming in at just a tad higher than half of the original’s price tag. Just check out what $22.87 gets you. This brass Magneto mechanical MOD clone features a magnetic firing switch. I …

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Protank 2 (4 Different Colors) 2 For $15.10 Each


Here is a pretty good deal on the Kangertech Protank 2. VaporDNA just put four colors in stock: blue, clear, grey& red. Now, when you place 2 into your cart… you get an automatic discount down to $35.00. On top of that… you can use the discount code “dna10” to …

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Health Cabin Halloween Sale


Here’s a heads up on the brand new Health Cabin Halloween sale. Use the coupon code “halloween5” on orders up to $80 to save 5%. Use the coupon code “halloween8” on orders $80-150 to save 8%. Use the coupon code “halloween10” on orders $150 and up to save 10%. And, …

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Kangertech Unitank Clearomizer (Smoke) $14.93


FT just placed up the smoke version of the Kangertech Unitank clearomizer up on the site for just $14.93. Not a bad price at all considering that it’s the retail package with 2 extra atomizer heads. And, free shipping is included. Considering that the transparent version sold out in less …

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Provari Zombie Edition by Provape $179.95


This is just a heads up that the limited edition Provari Zombie Edition is still available. According to the Provape Facebook page… it will only be available until the end of the year or while supplies last. I got an idea… the Halloween release is dubbed the Provari Zombie Edition. …

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Russian 91 RBA (FREE SHIPPING & Juice) $83.25


This is probably the best deal going on the Russian 91 RBA. Right now… VaporDNA has them on pre-sale for just $83.25 after you use the coupon code “dna10”. The pre-sale is expect to be fulfilled in 2-4 weeks. Considering how fast they fulfilled there first pre-sale… I’m pretty sure …

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