Mini Vivi Nova Tank IN STOCK $3.34


The Mini Vivi Nova Tank has been the go to tank for the last few months. It has a reputation for being easy to use, clean & maintain. And, with replaceable atomizer heads… the mini vivi nova tank is no longer a use then throw away tank. It has become …

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Vapor Skinz Discount Code 30% Off Sale!


Haven’t we all wished… “dang I wish I could find a nice camo sticker to put onto my vape so that I’m camo while hunting.” I know I have. LOL. Well, our boyz over at Vapor Skinz is hooking it up. They have just released a Vapor Skinz discount code and …

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Smok Groove Stainless, Gold, Blue & Gun Metal $80.99


The Smok Groove Stainless, Gold Blue & Gun Metal are hot MODs right now and for good reason. If you don’t know… the Smok Groove is a variable volt / watt box style APV (Advance Personal Vaporizer). What makes it so pimp is that it sports a hugh 3800 mAh …

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Efest LUC Universal 2 Bay LCD Smart Charger $28.24


If you’ve been following GOTSMOK.COM, you know that we pimp the intellicharger i4 & i2 as the best chargers available. That is until now. Introducing the brand new Efest LUC 2 bay multi-function smart charger. This charger is capable of  charging batteries from 10440 to 26650. It also features: 1. HD …

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AGI RBA 2 In 1 Dripper / Rebuildable Atomizer $27.95


The AGI RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) is one of the most versatile rebuildable atomizers to date. It can transform between a genesis style atomizer and a dripping atomizer in seconds. It features an adjustable top cap. The cap is capable of positioning the air hole for maximum throat hit. It also features …

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IGO-L Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (IN-STOCK) $12.95


If you’ve seen my instagram lately… you know that the IGO-L rebuildable dripping atomizer blows clouds. And not your run of the mill clouds. I’m talking clouds only kid icarus is accustomed to.  Not only that… it features a full stainless steel construction and a tiny price. All this leads …

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VAMO Starter Kit (Vivi Nova, Batteries & Charger) $49.98


We have been pimping FASTTECH alot lately and for good reason. They keep bringing the vape heat. They always have free worldwide shipping. 1000’s upon 1000’s of items for already dirt cheap prices. What’s not to love? I was just cruzing there site and I saw that they just posted …

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Kanger Pro Tank Glassomizer Deluxe Leather Set $14.95


You’ve heard about the Kanger Pro Tank by now. If you’ve been looking for one lately… you’ve noticed that Kanger has changed there Pro Tank packaging. You can see pictures of the new packaging version that we reviewed here. But, what about the old “Vape Like A Pimp” leather box …

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