Virgin Vapor Discount Code 25% Off!


I just got a heads up on a brand new Virgin Vapor Discount Code good for 25% off all 4mg & 8mg e-liquids! Apparently, this code is valid on all 62 different organic e-liquid flavors. And, you can use it on the absolute and virgin flavors. For those of you …

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Coil Winding Jig (For DIYers) $4.02


A new version of the coil winding jig has just hit the shelves over at FastTech. This time it costs $4.02 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. They are made out of aluminium and are available in 7 different colorways: black, blue, green, grey, orange, red & silver. Plus, this coil …

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Titanium Provari (Limited Edition) $269.95


I special limited edition Titanium Provari has popped up on the Provape website.  And, as you can bet it comes with a steep price. $269.95 to be exact. Definitely not a mod for #teamcheapmod. But, I’m sure that there are some Provari fans out there who appreciate the heads up. …

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4Nine Style Mod V2 (Brass Switch) $13.99


I know a lot of you know DesireECigs for their insane group buys, well they just put up a 4Nine Style Mod V2 with a brass switch for a pretty nice price. If you’ve never tried a hybrid type mechanical mod then do yourself a favor and get on it. …

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Igo W Rebuildable Atomizer $5.67


The Igo W rebuildable atty is probably one of the most tried and true rebuildable atomizer around. This was the standard in the RBA world for awhile. I’ve owned about 5 of these things and always end up giving them away to my friends who tried and loved them. Its …

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Plume Veil Style RDA $9.00


The people at Fasttech must have seen that I post a deal for the Plume Veil Style RDA at one of their competitors for a cheaper price because they just dropped the price on theirs to 9 bucks flat. (I don’t really think fasttech checks out our site but its …

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Zipper Pouch (Fits 26650 Sized Mods) $2.73


With the popularity of 26650 mods now-a-days, it seemed appropriate to post a new multi spandex zipper pouch that hit the shelves. Keep your pockets clear and hang your mod from your belt loop. I cant stress how much I love things like this. Ever since I picked up my first …

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Tesla Atomic Style RDA $8.67


The Tesla Atomic Style RDA took a price drop. This RDA was designed by the same people that brought you the Panzer. Its pretty nice looking at at under 9 bucks this is definitely something that you should give a look. Stats on the Tesla Atomic Style RDA: 22mm, stainless …

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