Ola X Hero 30 Watt Mod $29.90


It looks like Focal has a nice deal on the Ola X Hero Mod. Its list price is $59.82. But, they currently have it priced at 25% off. Bringing the price down to $29.90. And at that price… the Ola X Hero looks like a great buy. Its a variable …

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Kamry 60w (Color Screen) Box Mod $71.60


And here I thought that the SMY 60 box mod was pretty nice. It looks like Kamry has just release their own version… the Kamry 60w. Now, is it just me or isn’t it kinda weird that both new box mods with color screens are 60 watters? Can it be …

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UD Goliath RTA Tank $29.99


It looks like 101 just stocked up on the UD Goliath RTA Tank. They have it priced at $29.99. Considering that the UD Goliath RTA was pre-selling for just about the same price not even a month ago… this looks like a good deal to me. And, I’ve heard pretty …

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Hazz Mini Styled RDA (7 Sleeves) $16.83


Here’s a nice deal for those looking to pick up a “slammed” RDA for your vape mods. FastTech just stocked a Hazz Mini Styled RDA for $16.83. What’s so nice about that deal? Well first off… this Hazz Mini Styled RDA includes 7 different air sleeve colors. That includes green, …

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iTaste MVP v3 Box Mod $39.54


Here’s the cheapest that I’ve seen the iTaste MVP v3 Box Mod sell for. VaporBeast just placed them on sale for $43.93. But, use the coupon code “YEAHBABY” at checkout and the price drops to just $39.54. Now I don’t know what their cost is… but, I’m pretty sure that …

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Turbo RDA by Ohm Nation $19.89


Here’s an awesome deal on the Turbo RDA by Ohm Nation / Tobecco. It looks like Ohmbusters has the stainless steel version of the¬†Turbo RDA in stock and ready to ship for just $19.89 with FREE SHIPPING included. Considering that these still go for $30 and up… $19.89 shipped is …

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Smok Xpro M80 Plus Box Mod $41.99


Gearbest just hit me up with a great deal on the Smok Xpro M80 Plus Box Mod. They have 4 different colorways in stock: black, silver, grey & golden. And each is priced at $57.87. But, use the coupon code “XProM80” at checkout and the price drops to just $41.99. …

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Innokin iSub Sub-ohm Tank $15.29


DNA just placed the Innokin iSub Sub-ohm Tank at a great price. You can pick it up for just $15.29 when you use the coupon code “deals10” at checkout. And… they have 4 different colorways to choose from: blue, clear, dark grey & fuschia. Come on man… were talking about …

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