ZNA 30 Variable Wattage Clone $73.74


First off… mad shout outs to¬†Nelsonm64 for the heads up on this deal. You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve seen the pictures. Now, here’s your chance to be the first to order the ZNA 30 Watt Clone. Focal has just got these in stock and ready to ship for just $73.74! …

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Torched El Sigilo Zodiac Mod $175.00


I just got the heads up that UltraMist has the Authentic Torched El Sigilo Zodiac Mod (Dragon) by Wutang House of Mods on sale as a daily deal. They lowered the price down to $175 and they throw in FREE SHIPPING. Pretty nice deal on a damn SEKSI looking authentic …

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Venturi RDA By Neovapetek $117.00


This one is pretty NOICE. The Venturi RDA by Neovapetek has just hit the shelves over at VaporDNA. According to the vendor… this RDA is easily one of the most innovative RDAs of the year. From the looks of it, I have to agree. The Venturi features an adjustable chimney …

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Bayou Carto Tank Clone $7.71


It’s not very often I post anything carto related. In fact, I don’t remember the last time that I did. With that said… you gotta check this out. The clone of the Bayou Cartomizer Tank has just hit the shelves over at FastTech. And, at an awesome price of just …

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Xtar MC2 Intelligent USB Charger $9.99


Here’s a solid deal for those that want a really good charger at a dirt cheap price. Sun-vapers just placed the Xtar MC2 Intelligent USB Charger in stock and ready to ship. The Xtar MC2 is the upgrade to the MC1. But, it now features 2 independent charging bays (that …

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Monster Cloud v2 Clone $10.43


Here’s a pretty cool release that just dropped recently over at our favorite China vendor. =) The clone of the Monster Cloud v2 has just hit the shelves over at FastTech for just $10.43 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Considering that the original costs over $100, paying 1/10th of the …

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Copper 14500 Nemesis Mod Clone $13.90


Ian just gave me the heads up on a new group buy going on over at Focal. They just placed the Copper 14500 Nemesis Mod Clone on sale for just $13.90 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! Not a bad deal at all considering that FastTech doesn’t even have these in …

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MNKE IMR 26650 Battery (2 pack) $14.98


Came across this decent deal on the MNKE IMR 26650 battery while browsing through Amazon. The batteries themselves are $10.49 but they come with $4.49 shipping. Not a bad deal at less than $15 shipped for a pair of batteries. The 26650 MNKE IMR 26650 battery features a 3500 mAh …

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