Vapage VMOD XL Premium Kit $62.49 (50% OFF)


OK, I just got hip to this coupon code so I don’t know how long it will last. But, I did use it to buy a kit for myself so your mileage may vary. The Vapage VMOD XL is a very convenient, almost spill proof, mil-spec e cig. It a …

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Sigelei Mechanical MOD #8 + Free E-Juice $31.45


AquaVapor just re-stocked on their Sigelei Mechanical MOD #8 deal. The deal costs just $31.45 and includes the MOD plus a free bottle of e-liquid! For those of you who don’t know about the Sigelei mechanical MOD #8… it’s a nice MOD. The tube is solid stainless steel. And, when …

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Mini Lavatube Starter Kit $38.76


This deal is perfect for those who want to upgrade their eGo type of setup. Or, maybe for someone who wants a great backup vape device. The mini lavatube is a solid variable voltage device. And, most vendors charge over $40 just for the APV (advance personal vaporizer) by itself. …

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Panasonic NCR18650PD & CGR18650CH $9.53 – $14.21


When it comes to e-cigs, I can’t stress this enough… SAFETY FIRST! And the easiest way to make sure that you are as safe as possible is to have a quality battery. A battery that is capable to providing the power you require from it. Now, i’m not gonna get …

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IGO-L Or IGO-S RDA (Your Choice) $11


The IGO-L (and it’s little brother the IGO-S) are some nice RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers). Throw some cotton or silica wick & 28 awg kanthal in there, bore out the air hole and puff on billows of smok. Don’t believe me? Hit up my instagram feed for photographic proof of …

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Vivi Nova Tank V7 Kit $6.59


The Vivi Nova Tank system is quite possibly the easiest clearomizer to use & maintain. It features replaceable atomizer heads that just screw off / on. The whole system can be taken completely apart. Which makes cleaning it a breeze. And, rebuilding the atomizer heads can’t be any more simple. …

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VolcanoEcigs Memorial Day Sale


VolcanoEcigs just released details on the VolcanoEcigs Memorial Day sale. Now is the perfect time to jump on the Volcano or Inferno starter kits… if you’ve been eyeing them. Other items are up to 50% off. Too bad the sale doesn’t include the Lavatube v2 though =(. Jump on over …

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Kamry K101 Starter Kit (Empire Clone) $37.50


I feel like FastTech’s official pimp page. It seems like I’m pointing out a FastTech almost every day. And, today is no different. They just released the Kamry K101 Starter Kit for $37.50 & FREE SHIPPING! That’s no typo… $37.50 & FREE SHIPPING! For the same price most retailers sell …

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Jetbeam Intellicharger I4 Smart Battery Charger $17.33


For those of you who didn’t know… Jetbeam & Nitecore have split up. And both companies now produce there own versions of the i4. Now, I’ve put up a couple deals on the Nitecore version. It’s Jetbeam’s chance to shine… and at a cheaper price to boot! FastTech just put …

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SmokTek Memorial Day Sale 15-30% Off


And the hits keep on coming. Details for the SmokTek memorial day sale have just been released. Just use the coupon code “Memorial” to receive anywhere from 15-30% off! SmokTek is one of those vendors that I go to when I can’t find an item anywhere else. So, this coupon …

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