Chi You Clone (brass or stainless steel) $15.90


A Chi You Clone has popped up and is dirt cheap. I know the Chi You Clone is kind of “last year” and seems so old school when you think in terms of mechanical mods. I must admit I second guess putting this up but I thought to myself, “Would …

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IGO-W8 RDA Atomizer By UD $26.99


Here’s another brand new UD product brought to you by our good friends over at VaporDNA. They have just placed he IGO-W8 RDA Atomizer in stock and ready to ship. Price is set at $29.99. But, you can use the coupon code “DNA10” to drop it down to $26.99. The …

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Perseus Style Genesis RBA (3.0ml) $22.64


The Perseus Style Genesis RBA 3.0ml just dropped today at Fasttech. This is a nice and big sized genesis that measures at 29.5mm. It has adjustable air flow with its 2 or 4 air hole options, refills on top, two wick holes for twice the flavor, comes with a triple stainless …

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Chuff Enuff Drip Top (2 Pack) $2.04


Following up on yesterday’s deal on the White Chuff Enuff Drip Top Clone deal… with something even more tempting. =) FastTech just placed a Chuff Enuff Drip Top 2 Pack in stock. And, it’s forcing me to change the order I placed yesterday. =) This 2 pack includes the black …

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Kato Square Box Mod Clone $47.49


I just posted a deal 2 days ago for the clone of the Kato Square Box at $78.45 and I thought that was one hell of a deal. Leave it up to FastTech to undercut every vendor out there. Hey, I’m not complaining. =) FastTech just placed the Kato Square …

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Mutation X RDA (pre-order) $23.99


Here is a pre-order for the Mutation X RDA 2nd run. This is a pretty nice RDA that is sure to make most people happy. It has adjustable airflow with 18 air holes so you can get the right pull that you like, cupped bottom for extra juice capacity, BIG …

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Authentic Innokin VTR $59.99


Haven’t seen a cheaper price on an Authentic Innokin VTR to date. Just a few months ago these things were pretty much double this price so the time is now to jump on them if you haven’t yet. The Authentic Innokin VTR is probably going to be the heaviest most sturdy …

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Bamboo Vbb Mod 18650 $25.56


The Bamboo Vbb Mod is kinda sexy in my opinion. Its design is etched into high quality bamboo and is pulled together with stainless steel all throughout. This is not something you see on a day to day basis. Matter of fact, I can honestly say I’ve only seen a …

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