Sigelei Raptor Box Mod (IN STOCK) $93.95


It looks like vapenw has the Sigelei Raptor Box Mod in stock and ready to ship over on the Bay. They have it priced at just $93.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Plus… as a bonus… it looks like they are also throwing in a FREE carbon fiber skin! Not …

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IGO-W Plus RDA Atomizer $13.49


Here’s a blast from the past. Youde (UD) has just remastered an original. Introducing the IGO-W Plus RDA Atomizer. It’s basically the IGO-W we all know and love. But upgraded to a 22mm diameter, larger 2mm airflow holes & available in a variety of colors. 5 of them to be …

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IPV3 150 Watt (In Stock) $145.00

The IPV3 150 watt mod has hit the virtual shelves over on the bay. This is the only place I know that has these in stock. Keep in mind there are only 8 units in stock which makes this an extremely limited deal people. The deal also comes with free …

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Lavafire Lock Style Mechanical Mod $14.94


Vaporbeast deal of the day takes 75.1% off the normal price for the Lavafire Lock Style Mechanical Mod which brings the price of this mod to under 15 bucks. Hurry up and check it out though because this price is only good for 200 pieces or 2 days, whichever comes first. They …

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Midtown E-liquid Premium Juices


Attention all juice junkies out there in the GOTSMOK community. I got a care package from Midtown E-liquid and I wanted to share with you all. Midtown E-liquid is a line of premium Juices. They only use the best USP food grade ingredients and flavorings. All of there juices are …

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Green Efest 26650 Flat Top $10.99


101vape just put up a deal on some new 26650 flat top batteries. The Green Efest 26650 4200mah 50Amp Batteries are the newest in the market that comes with longer lasting Battery Life. Compare these to the purple 26650 that comes with 3500mah, the green version of the battery can …

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Atomizer Resistance Tester $5.86


FastTech just put up an awesome deal on an Atomizer Resistance Tester. They ditched the obsolete 808 connection. Kept the eGo & 510 connection. And price it at the blowout price of just $5.86 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. At this price… there’s no excuse for you not to have …

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Monster Cloud V2 Style RDA $13.99


Monster deal going on for the Monster Cloud V2 Style RDA. Was that corny enough for you? LOL! Sorry.. Had to do it. Anyways… Real talk, heres a good deal from a US vendor on this RDA. Before you pull the trigger on this one though know that this is …

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